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Street Paws - Registered Charity No 1178826 promotes animal welfare and relieves the suffering of animals by providing free of charge veterinary care and emergency kennel space, to animals owned by people who are homeless, vulnerably housed or other vulnerable groups severely affected by poverty.

Homelessness is sadly on the rise.  The bond between a homeless person and their animal is very strong.  Their animal is their whole world, give them a reason to carry on, and is often the only source of unconditional love.  The health benefits are immense both mentally and physically and our aim is to support this bond to provide access to veterinary care for the homeless and vulnerable.


Founded in Newcastle in April 2016, Street Paws currently provides monthly outreach in the UK across The North East, North West, Yorkshire, Wales and Northern Ireland, but the Trustees are keen to expand into new areas where there is need.  

We work with local groups and agents in the area to reach out in the local community.  The Charity funds all treatment for conditions diagnosed by our veterinary teams.  We refer and fund surgical procedures and neutering to our supporting veterinary practices.

We work with other agencies supporting the homeless and will respond to any requests for help and advice.  We provide food, coats, collars and leads at our outreach, and will respond to requests for food outside of normal outreach. 

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Street Paws Kennel Support

As less than 10% of hostels Nationally will accept dogs we are working hard  to form partnerships and offer support for kennel provision within a hostel grounds.  This will enable a homeless person to gain access to the service and keep their dog.

As part of the Leeds Homeless Charter we have supported Turning Lives Around to install a double kennel into a hostel in Leeds as part of a one year pilot scheme. Street Paws Charity supported with the design and with staff training and guidance.  We will also support the scheme with ongoing free veterinary care and essentials like dog food and beds.

This year (July 2019) we are proud to be funding and installing kennel space into SPIN - Supporting People in Need in Manchester.

We hope that many more local authorities will view the kennels as a positive step to removing the barriers against homelessness and dog ownership.  We hope to work in all our outreach areas to provide this vital life saving service.  If you are a local authority who would like our support please get in touch



Emergency Kennel Space

Imagine not being able to take shelter in the winter as there are no hostels who will accept your dog?  Imagine not being able to seek medical attention as no one will care for your dog?  We are delighted to be offering Kennel space for the Paws of the Homeless in Newcastle, Manchester and Leeds.  Working with Local Authority Dog Wardens, Cat and Dog Shelter Benton, Flushdyke Kennels and Manchester and Cheshire Dogs Home, we are able to provide free kennel respite strictly via referral to: streetpaws.northeast@yahoo.com

We continue to roll out the scheme in all our Outreach areas


A team of volunteers

We are an ever expanding team of over 300 veterinary professionals. We are also a growing team of fundraising volunteers who work hard to raise the funds needed to carry out our work.  If you would like to volunteer with Street Paws please contact us via email to streetpaws.northeast@yahoo.com

"For me Street Paws represents everything that is important about veterinary medicine. Preventing animal suffering whilst simultaneously supporting our clients and enhancing their quality of life through the improved health of their pets.  The bond between a pet a vulnerably housed owner is so strong and often immeasurably important to that person.  it's a privilege to be able to help to maintain that bond - Anna Formstone MRCVS

 “When I know that, as a result of what I do, even one life breathing easier gives a meaning to my vocation and satisfaction to my heart”  - Alison Hickman RVN



"The dogs mean everything to us and don't want to lose them as it will destroy all we believe in, we believe a dog is for life.  What you are doing here means so much and is good for the dogs aswell.  We have always been in a position to look after ourselves, but life has dealt us a bad hand and ended up where we are.  Thank you all for helping our fur kids you are all angels"  K+A 

" I was worried about B and it wasnt time for outreach.  I messaged Michelle and we arranged for B to go to the vets the very next day.  I am so relieved that she is going to be ok " J 

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