Street Paws Charity Patrons

Dr Scott Miller

A passionate animal advocate, Scott was born in Brisbane, Australia to British parents. He graduated in 1997 from the University of Queensland Veterinary School and began his career working at the RSPCA clinic in Sydney before settling in London, where he set up a small animal practice. He is currently the owner of, and principal veterinarian at, three veterinary practices in SW London.

Scott’s skill and charisma caught the eyes of producers and viewers when he received a chance call-out to attend a sick chicken on the first series of Big Brother. He began working regularly in the media, hosting Extinct for Meridian and regularly appearing on BBC Breakfast News, GMTV, Blue Peter, The Paul O'Grady Show and CBBC. He appeared as an expert vet on BBC's coverage of Crufts Dog Show, and has been a regular vet on This Morning for over six years. He also featured on Sky 1's Pet Nation and became one of the lead presenters on children's programme, Who Let the Dogs Out and About? for CBBC.

Scott hosts the popular series Vet on the Hill which follows the day-to-day life at his veterinary clinic. The critically acclaimed first series aired on More 4 in spring 2016 and, after rating number one on the channel, has since returned for a further four series.

Scott works closely with a number of animal charities and he travelled to Pakistan in the wake of the earthquakes of December 2005 to treat injured donkeys and horses. He is a patron of International Animal Rescue and he has worked with them in India and Indonesia rescuing sloth bears and macaque monkeys. 

James Bowen and Bob

James Bowen is an English author and busker based in London. His memoirs A Street Cat Named Bob, The World According to Bob and A Gift from Bob, written with author Garry Jenkins, were international best-sellers. A movie based on the first two books was released in 2016. James now dedicates his time to helping numerous charities that involve homelessness, literacy, and animal welfare.

In 1997 James began sleeping on the streets and for the next few years either slept in the streets or stayed in shelters. He began using heroin to escape from the realities of homelessness.

In spring 2007, he was enrolled on a methadone programme, busking in Covent Garden, and living in a supported housing programme in Tottenham, London. One evening he returned home to find a ginger cat in the hallway of his building. Assuming it belonged to another resident, he simply returned to his flat. When the cat was still there the following day, and the day after that, Bowen became concerned and discovered the cat was wearing no collar or ID tag, and had an infected wound on his leg. Bowen checked with other residents to see if the stray belonged to any of them, and when none of them claimed ownership of the animal Bowen decided to help the cat himself.  James took the cat to the nearby RSPCA clinic, which provided antibiotics to treat the infected wound. To make sure the cat received the full two-week course of medication, he took him in for a time, while he continued to look for the stray’s owner. When he couldn’t find any information, he released the cat back on to the street, hoping he’d find his way home.  Instead, he began to follow James around, even following him onto the bus when he left to go busking. Concerned that the cat had nowhere else to go, James took him in permanently, naming him Bob after the character Killer BOB from the television drama Twin Peaks.

Since Bob constantly followed James when he was going to work, he got him a harness for safety and allowed him to come along to his regular spots in Covent Garden and Piccadilly, travelling in the window seat of the number 73 bus. The public reaction was positive and the pair became popular, their visibility increasing still further when Bowen began selling The Big Issue. The public began uploading videos of James and Bob to YouTube, and tourists would visit Covent Garden to see them. During this time, James decided to conclude his methadone treatment. He credits this development to Bob, saying "I believe it came down to this little man. He came and asked me for help, and he needed me more than I needed to abuse my own body. He is what I wake up for every day now... he’s definitely given me the right direction to live my life." 

Cat Henstridge BVSc MRCVS

Cat, also known as ‘Cat The Vet’, graduated from Bristol Vet School in 2003 and has worked with pet animals ever since.  She started practicing in the West Midlands but more recently moved back to her home town of Sheffield, where she plays to stay.

Cat is a passionate animal advocate and believes all pets are deserving of good quality veterinary care.  She knows the companionship and comfort animals give is second to none and just how important they are in their owner’s lives.  She is dedicated to helping pet owners understand their best friends and any conditions they may have, which is why she started her popular blog and social media pages - to bridge the gap between veterinary professionals and pet parents!

In addition to writing for her own website, she also writes for several magazines and online outlets and has appeared on TV, most recently on CBBC’s ‘The Pets Factor’.

Cat is delighted to be a patron of Street Paws and she is looking forward to promoting “this amazing charity and the incredibly valuable work they do in any way I can.”

Dr Pete Wedderburn

Dr Pete Wedderburn  qualified as a vet from Edinburgh in 1985 and has run his own 4-veterinarian companion animal practice in County Wicklow, Ireland, since 1991. Pete is well known as a media veterinarian with regular national tv, radio and newspaper slots, including a weekly column in the Daily Telegraph since 2007. Pete is known as "Pete the Vet" on his busy Facebook and Twitter pages, and is pete.wedderburn on Instagram,regularly posting information on topical subjects and real-life cases from his clinic. He also write a regular blog at His latest book: “Pet Subjects”, was published by Aurum Press in 2017.

Connor Byrne

Connor was born and reared on the west coast of Ireland, in a house full of dogs.

There were parents and siblings too, but they were not as much fun.In his bed every night, under the covers to warm his feet slept Dick, the grumpiest pointer cross that ever lived. Dick was short for Spotted Dick, the pudding. He is an alumni of Scoil Idé primary school and Cresent College Comprehensive in Limerick.

He didn't like school much, cos they didn't allow dogs to do algebra. He left Ireland to seek his fortune in London, studying Ballet for 3 yrs at Arts Educational. He joined the Dance Company Bat Dor in Tel Aviv in 1988. On his return from Israel, he appeared in many West end productions, like "Cats" (he'd have preferred a show called "Dogs"), Joseph and his amazing coloured dreamcoat".

The National Theatre was his home for a while, doing shows like Carousel and Guys and Dolls. During his time at the Open air theatre in regents park, he met the current Mrs B.  Who won his heart because, she had Hamish, the wonder cairn. He'd not had a dog since leaving Ireland so he fell fast and hard.  The current Mrs B is still with him, but Hamish isn't. Since then Connor has worked in theatre and Television far too many to mention but he's best known for London's Burning,  The Story of Tracy Beaker, William and Mary, Tracy Beaker Returns,  and The Dumping Ground. He has 3 young humans, 2 dogs and a cat in his care, the cat is the boss of everyone 

When asked how she felt about the honour and privilege of me being a patron, Mrs B replied  "What an amazing way to use your Infamy"

And it sums up my feelings perfectly; 

Michelle Southern Founder and Director

Michelle founded Street Paws in April 2016 in Newcastle.  Volunteering with a soup kitchen she saw a dog one night.  She couldn't stop thinking about the dog and his owner, and realised that there was little or no veterinary support for people living on the streets.  Working, at the time, in a veterinary practice as a practice manager she rallied a team of three volunteers and Street Paws was born.  Now running the charity full time Michelle has expanded the charity across the UK.  

There are many challenges facing people who have no other choice to rough sleep.  If we can take away their worries surrounding their companion animals health it is a massive relief to that person.  It is an honour and privilege to be leading the charity into new areas and we plan to be operating in all areas where there is a need.

Rachel Spencer Social Media and Publicity Volunteer

Rachel Spencer is our social media and publicity volunteer. Rachel is a freelance journalist and publicity consultant and writes about animals and the pet industry for national newspapers and magazines. She is passionate about highlighting stories about animal welfare and blogs about pets at and lives in Newcastle with her rescue terrier Patch.

Natasha Newson Specialist Advisor

Natasha is our Specialist Advisor, supporting us with charity governance and funding.  She is based in the North East and runs her own business development consultancy, Candour Collaborations, through which she has helped organisations of all shapes and sizes win over £150m of funding.

Caroline Scobie Executive Veterinary Director

Caroline qualified from the University of Edinburgh in 2010 and since then has been working for Westway Vets in Newcastle Upon Tyne.  She now works as a Clinical Director within this practice.  Caroline has a strong interest in medicine and last year achieved a post-graduate certificate in small animal medicine.  She is currently Chairperson of the medicine board of VetPartners. 

Street Paws Trustees

Fiona Willis - Chair of Trustees

Fiona is our trustee who leads and coordinates  the teams in Yorkshire. Fiona is a Senior Veterinary Receptionist and joined York Street Paws at the very beginning in February 2017.

Fiona attends the monthly outreach and supports the veterinary team and volunteers in her areas; York, Leeds and Wakefield 

Rebecca Lawrence

Rebecca is an RVN and Street Paws trustee who leads and coordinates the teams in Newcastle and Sunderland. Rebecca has been involved in charity work for several years and joined Street Paws in January 2017.  Rebecca is passionate about the charity and is invaluable in her many fundraising ideas and activities. 

Rachel Bean

Rachel is our trustee  and coordinator for Manchester. She is an RVN with a wealth of experience including canine behaviour, behaviour consulting at Soi Dog Foundation and teaching canine first aid. 

Rachel helped set up operations in Manchester and provides support to the team in her area. 

Leah Southern - Secretary

Leah is a First Class BA (hons) MSc Business and Marketing Graduate, Newcastle trustee and charity Secretary. 

Leah provides business and technical support to the charity, which has been instrumental and invaluable to Street Paws.

Leah regularly attends outreach in Newcastle. 

Sue McCabe

Sue is a Newcastle Street Paws trustee. Sue is a KCAI CD A* certified dog behaviourist with certificates in canine psychology and is a member of the association of pet dog trainers UK. 

Sue's passion to help the homeless began many years ago in Ireland and she was keen to be a part of the board of trustees after judging our annual charity dog show.

James Collins - Treasurer

James is originally from Edinburgh, but now lives in Gateshead and works as a financial analyst in Sunderland. He's worked in various roles in finance since 2005, and has been a CIMA Chartered Management Accountant since 2014. He's excited to be able to use the skills he's picked up in finance and accounting to support Street Paws grow and help as many animals as possible!

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