Street Paws Trustees

Michelle Southern

Michelle founded Street Paws in 2016 after working with homeless groups in Newcastle. Working at the time as a Practice Manager, Michelle was able to recruit a team of veterinary professionals to support her and the project was launched.

 Michelle now runs Street Paws full time and coordinates and expands operations across the many Street Paws locations in the UK. 

Rebecca Lawrence

Rebecca is a student veterinary nurse and Street Paws trustee who leads operations in Newcastle. Rebecca has been involved in charity work for several years and joined Street Paws in January 2017.

Rebecca is passionate about the charity and is invaluable in her many fundraising ideas and activities. 

Fiona Willis

Fiona is our trustee who leads the operations in York and Leeds. Fiona is a Senior Veterinary Receptionist and joined York Street Paws at the very beginning in February 2017.

Fiona attends the monthly outreach and supports the veterinary team and volunteers in her areas.

Rachel Bean

Rachel is our trustee for Manchester Street Paws. She is an RVN with a wealth of experience including canine behaviour, behaviour consulting at Soi Dog Foundation and teaching canine first aid. 

Rachel helped set up operations in Manchester and provides support to the team in her area. 

Sue McCabe

Sue is a Newcastle Street Paws trustee. Sue is a KCAI CD A* certified dog behaviourist with certificates in canine psychology and is a member of the association of pet dog trainers UK. 

Sue's passion to help the homeless began many years ago in Ireland and she was keen to be a part of the board of trustees after judging our annual charity dog show.

Leah Southern

Leah is a First Class Business Graduate Newcastle trustee and Secretary. Leah provides business support to the charity, which has been instrumental and invaluable to Street Paws. 

Leah attends monthly outreach in Newcastle.